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Any backup is only as reliable as its ability to restore business data and applications when they are needed most. We do provide all following solutions for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for SMBs and Enterprise Vertical.

The key features and benefits of our solution are

  1. Continuous Data Backup
  2. Offsite Protection
  3. Instant Recovery and File Versions
  4. Unlimited PCs
  5. Supports Business Applications
  6. Security
  7. Central Management
  8. Remote Administration
  9. Bare Metal Recovery
  10. Local Archiving
  11. Compression
  12. Compliance


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is essential for any business. We can help you prepare for disaster recovery in many ways, depending on the nature and size of your business. Below are some examples of how we can keep your business IN BUSINESS 24 hours a day.

We offer a business continuity solution designed to prevent data loss and keep business critical applications available after server failures and serious disasters.

We combine real-time data replication and managed application delivery to mitigate business risk during a disaster. An evolution of disaster recovery that allows a business to be flexible enough to adapt to any IT based disaster, from single server failure to entire loss of premises.

How does it work?

Back End Infrastructure Replication and Failover

The Network London service incorporates a number of technologies to effectively replicate, in real time, your mission critical servers to our recovery network located in highly connected, highly secure data centres. Your network is permanently connected to the recovery network via a dedicated VPN, and in the event of a critical server outage you can invoke our service to fail over a specific server to its replication partner. Equally, in the event of complete site failure you can invoke the service to fail over your entire network to the replica network.

Front End Infrastructure Application Publishing

Our service includes active directory integrated standby terminal servers within the recovery network. In the event of complete site failure we publish your replicated file data, applications, and email through a secure thin client portal which is accessible via the Internet. Upon invocation an SMS message is sent to every employee with details of how to access the portal and login using their normal active directory user name and password. Alternatively, if the applications are predominantly web based customers can choose to have their recovery environment published through a web browser.

At such time when the source server becomes available, we fail-back the target network (or server) to the source environment. Only the byte-level changes are sent back, and disruption to users is minimal.

What are the benefits compared to traditional DR solutions?

 1. Speed

Traditional disaster recovery solutions rely on restoring data from a back up, usually tape. Backups are typically taken daily, and therefore, this would result in the loss of up to 48 hours data and days or even weeks of hardware rebuilds, tape restores, frustrated users, and reputation damage. Building a network is a delicate and complicated procedure at the best of times; doing so under huge pressure and without identical equipment is an IT managers nightmare. In a full scale emergency staff can easily work from home, or any location with an Internet connection and work from there.

2. Testing

HP recently surveyed that only 26% of companies test their disaster recovery solution due to cost, disruption, and fear that it will not come back up. With our disaster recovery solution, fail over testing is a relatively simple exercise and enables complete proof of concept without major disruption giving IT and financial directors complete peace of mind.

It is a well known truth amongst IT professionals that restoring from tape is very rarely an entirely successful procedure; in the same survey it was revealed that 98% of recoveries from tape resulted in problems. Verifying the integrity of the data with our system is far easier.

3. Modular

Traditional disaster recovery plans are typically designed to be invoked in the event of a serious disaster such as a flood or terrorist attack whereby the entire office is unavailable. In reality a disaster could take the form of any core server failure. Our system is simple to invoke, and with low invocation expenditure it can be used to cover single server failure.

4. SMS Notification

Common practise, even amongst banks, is to notify their staff of a disaster using â˜telephone. Each person in the tree is responsible for notifying a per-arranged group of people until the whole organization is informed. In practice these are rarely effective, especially in larger organizations where the risk that someone cannot be contacted becomes greater. Often, if one person is not contacted the system fails.

When invoked, our system automatically sends an SMS message giving the required information to every user. Read receipts can also be used so that the organization is aware of individuals that have not been informed.

 Key Benefits

– No loss of data

– High speed invocation

– Modular delivery

– Simple SMS notification

– Easy to test and verify data integrity

– Lowered user impact

 Larger companies with 50-500 users

For larger businesses we can offer superior enterprise-class solutions with real-time, off-site synchronization.

We will look after your data, so that in the event of a disaster, your data will still be accessible by all personnel, anywhere in the world, with instant fail over, in the event of an incident. When your business and data is critical, you need a disaster system that is tried and tested, with regular tests that illustrate you are in safe hands.

When you need to place sensitive data and systems with an It provider, Network London will deliver leading-edge solutions to keep your business running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Small companies with 1-50 users or Global Offices

For smaller businesses with global offices or 1-50 users, we can provide a robust IT systems where you can pay one fixed monthly cost, per user and what you get is a corporate-class network solution that includes:

  • Continuous Backups
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery protection
  • Secure Exchange Email
  • Microsoft Office Suite (and all future upgrades)
  • Worldwide Remote Desktop Access

Add to this the power of a Blackberry mobile or Windows Mobile devices and what you end up with is a secure, reliable system with full Disaster Recovery as standard.

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